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In order to satisfy all the needs of storage warehouse optimization, and provide the best supported products for logistics, NAVAVINA LTD. CO. was established and has become one of the most reliable and biggest suppliers of racking systems in Vietnam.

Come to NAVAVINA, our customers will have fully supports from consult, design to produce, assembly all the products from heavy duty rack such as selective rack, drive-in/drive-through rack, double-deep rack, mold rack, cantilever rack, mezzanine floor rack…, to the medium and light load rack such as medium rack, carton flow rack, angle storage shelves, file storage rack, supper market shelves, display rack… NAVAVINA also provides the other warehouse supported products like steel pallet, mesh nestainer, stackable pallet, trolley cart, ladder cart, locker cabinet, working table, conveyor… Beside industrial products, NAVAVINA extended our service to civil products as well, such as Inox table, steel gate, building factory…

With young and active sale team, beside the technical and production team with lots of experiences, we are confident of satisfying all the demands from our customers.

We engage to bring you all the best quality products in association with our trademark. Coming to NAVAVINAmeans coming to the optimal warehouse products and solutions.

NAVAVINA is sincerely thankful to the customers who trust and use our products.

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